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Spectrum Turnitin Submission Error

by Herni Juita Binti Mohd Mokhtar . -

To all instructors and students,

Please be informed that Spectrum is currently experiencing issue with Turnitin that is affecting Turnitin assignment submission on Spectrum. PTM is currently working together with Turnitin Support to overcome the problem.

For instructors, there is a way for you to assist students with submission problem. Please refer to the guide attached and follow its instructions before lodging report to Helpdesk. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

We regret the inconvenience this issue has caused and hope everyone can be patient. Another announcement will be posted once the issue is resolved.

Thank you.

Request for Setara Courses in SPeCTRUM

by Herni Juita Binti Mohd Mokhtar . -

To all instructors/course coordinators,

Kindly submit your request for setara courses in SPeCTRUM via Helpdesk. Please include the following information:

1) Host course code. The host is will become the main course and should contain all contents for the class.
2) The pair course code(s). Any other courses that needs to be combined with the host.

Thank you for your cooperation. Please be patient as we do our best to fulfil your request.

Reopening of Chat Feature

by Encik Mohd Shukri Hadafi Bin Md Nor . -

Assalamualaikum and Good Afternoon,

Dear SPeCTRUM users,

SPeCTRUM default Chat feature is now reopened with limited functionality. As the Chat feature is under ongoing technical revision, you may only view past chat history in the related chatroom. Creating a new chatroom and messaging in the existing chatroom is prevented by the system.

For those who would like to have a chat activity in SPeCTRUM please utilize WhatsApp Chat, please visit the How-To Video at 

Thank You

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